10 +1 Ways To Experience New York Like A Native

New York Manhattan skyline and Central Park view



New York. If there’s one city that everyone agrees on, it’s the Big Apple. With skyscrapers that touch the clouds, dreamlike parks, and an ever-forward-looking attitude, it’s hard not to fall in love with this city. And as we know, when a love is so pure and authentic, it’s hard for it to fade, just like the aroma of Starbucks coffee.

One visit isn’t enough to truly get to know the City. You need to return again and again, like an endless cycle of romantic dates, to really savor its essence. Beyond the classic tourist attractions, there are activities that true New Yorkers indulge in, and it’s worth trying them to feel like a local, even if just for a few days. So, put aside your Lonely Planet guide and scroll through our list (plus a bonus because we’re generous) of useful tips for your next trip to New York! You ready?

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Enjoy your trip!

1. Stretch Pizza

➤ 331 Park Ave S, Flatiron District

An unlikely duo of friends with a passion for French cuisine and baking decided to shake things up and opened a pizzeria with a new concept in the heart of the Flatiron District. It’s a casual and relaxed place where you can enjoy a crispy pizza with plenty of tomato and bubbling mozzarella, reimagined in original recipes. All accompanied by rivers of beer, wine, or cocktails. What more can we say? Bon appétit and enjoy your meal!


2. Hamburger America

➤ 51 MacDougal St, Soho

Their menu offers only two burgers, but what burgers they are! On one side, we have the all-American Smash Burger, with melted cheese, diced onions, pickles, and a splash of mustard. On the other, the original George Motz's Fried Onion Burger, showcasing the Oklahoma technique: meat covered with thinly sliced sweet onions, smashed on the grill until a crispy, succulent masterpiece is created. Just thinking about it makes your mouth water, doesn’t it?


3. Liberty Bagels

➤ 32 Broadway, Downtown

Authentic New York bagels baked fresh every day and stuffed with top-quality ingredients: this is the promise of a place that has become a true city institution. The wide range of toppings and doughs satisfies every palate, from the sophisticated to those who are happy with the classic "cream cheese and smoked salmon."


4. Bushwick Collective

➤ 427 TROUTMAN ST, Brooklyn

The rebirth of the working-class neighborhood of Bushwick in Brooklyn is marked by murals created by artists from around the world. Street art that brings the area to life and tells the stories and hopes of its residents, transforming once-gray walls into an open-air art gallery and creating a comprehensive renewal and redevelopment project. And if you find yourself wandering the streets of Bushwick, don’t worry: it’s just the art watching you!

5. Whiskey Town

➤ 29 EAST 3RD ST, brooklyn

In the heart of Brooklyn, there's a legendary spot run by the pioneers who brought the infamous pickleback shot to the city: a daring combo of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle brine. Sounds crazy? Yet, here it's considered a true sacred ritual! But don't worry, for the more traditional folks, there are also cocktails that are a bit less... adventurous.


6. Pershing Square Restaurant

➤ 90 E 42nd St, Midtown

A typically American restaurant, bistro, and cocktail bar: this is Pershing Square, just steps away from Grand Central Station. From breakfast to after-dinner, it’s the perfect meeting place for New Yorkers, whether they are businessmen looking for deals, celebrities seeking attention, or fashion models searching for... denied calories. Who knows, maybe an interesting encounter awaits you.


7. BEC at real bodega

Born after World War II thanks to enterprising South American immigrants who wanted to open small neighborhood shops with basic necessities, today there are over 13,000 bodegas in New York. Yes, practically one on every corner of the city. In these mini-markets, you can find everything from milk to newspapers, along with delicious snacks to eat, all in a friendly and lively atmosphere. It’s as if every bodega were your own living room.

8. Coney Island

➤ Coney Island, Brooklyn

Located south of Brooklyn, Coney Island is the perfect refuge for New Yorkers seeking relaxation and fun. This picturesque spot offers sandy beaches where you can bask in the sun and amusement parks that seem straight out of a 1950s movie. Here, time flies between gravity-defying roller coasters, diet-defying hot dogs, and boardwalk strolls that challenge your desire to stay in the city.

9. Rucker Park (basketball playground)

➤ 280 W 155th St, Harlem

The most famous playground in Manhattan is waiting for you! Over the years, it has been frequented by basketball legends and NBA superstars, becoming the meeting (and clashing) point for young people from the neighborhood and beyond. A place that embodies the New York lifestyle, with a bit of sweat and a lot of competition. Who will be the next Michael Jordan?

10. Village Vanguard

➤ 178 7th Ave S, Greenwich Village

Opened in 1934, this small club hidden in a basement is a New York and jazz landmark. A place so intimate and essential that it seems suspended in time, still retaining its old glory and the scent of whiskey. It’s not just a club; it’s a dive into the history of jazz, where every corner whispers the stories of those who left a bit of their soul in every jam session.


11. Don’t call it “NYC”

Do you really want to feel like a true New Yorker? Then, for heaven's sake, calling it "NYC." Nobody does that. So, stop now. Seriously.
It's like going to Paris and calling it "PRS." It's just not done.

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